Business Traveller or Assignee



  • Missing deadlines and stressing over compliance with your move
  • Wasting valuable time on the administration of your work move
  • Feeling stressed and unsupported

Benefits of RoamPA to the business traveller

Be Compliant

Make sure you are tax compliant by using our automated tax tracking. RoamPA automatically fills in your tax calendar and lets you or your employer know when there is a risk of breaching tax compliance. Relax we will let  you know.

Get Support

Use our automated system that co-ordinates and supports you throughout your move  in one online place – RoamPA lets you know every time you have a task to complete in relation to  your move , from being ready for removers to a form for completion – relax we will let  you know


Do use RoamPA to have clear communication with your company and service providers 24/7 . Start embracing the adventure of moving for work by enjoying the benefits of your own virtual PA as you spend more time with your family and friends in your new location. Relax.

At RoamPA we break down borders by supporting you throughout your work move. Finally in the palm of your hand you hold a passport to stress free exploration, adventure and the world of opportunity your next work move can bring.

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