What is RoamPA?


RoamPA is a SaaS software application that helps companies track, co-ordinate and support their internationally mobile employees or global workforce.

It tracks your employees location daily and populates a calendar with a tax jurisdiction. This monitors risk and aids tax compliance in whatever country you are operating.
RoamPA’s smart alert system means that both the company and the employee are alerted any time there is a risk with a compliance issue in the country they are operating in.
RoamPA can analyse data and report back to you, the company, so that you can better manage your tax exposure.

How does RoamPA work?


The employer (or in house responsible person such as a HR or Finance) has access to an RoamPA application online which allow them to add and track assignees/business travellers.

Each assignee/business traveller  has an application which automatically tracks their location. The employer can access data and information from each assignee online.
RoamPA alerts and tracks all assignees. You can set custom alerts for regions and assignees. RoamPA is accessible from any mobile device or computer – it is a scalable and secure product.

An individual business traveller can also act as their own HR manager or employer.

What are the benefits of RoamPA?

Business Owners

Our superior automated technology simplifies  the process of assigning employees to work in other countries. It offers your company peace of mind while reducing fines and penalties relating to non-compliance  as well as bad  publicity.

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HR Managers

Co-ordinating and tax tracking internationally mobile employee can be stressful, costly and  an administration burden.  RoamPA automatically tax tracks your companies’ employees as they travel around the world for work.  By tracking  , co-ordinating and supporting your employee in one online location you can significantly reduce your  in house costs.

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Mobile Workers

We automatically fill in your tax calendar and let you or your employer know when there is a risk of breaching  tax compliance. Our smart PA system with tailored checklists reminds you each time you need to complete a task so that you can feel supported at all times and just get on with the job you were sent to do.

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How much does it cost?

Our prices are based on the number of assignee licenses as well as the features and functions of our system that you require. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a price plan for you.


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