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Global Workforce Issues

Business Travel is a necessary part of a modern and globalised business world. As your company grows you need to send you key employees where your business needs them. Now different tax laws in each country mean your global workforce need to be tracked for tax internationally and this can be extremely hard or companies to manage and can create substantial compliance risk for your company

Many companies who are moving employees or business travellers globally for work have no process in place to manage these employees and risks. Of those that do many are manual systems that are not cost effective and require much human engagement to operate and maintain.

Co-ordination and tax tracking a global workforce is painful and costly with two out of three companies paying avoidable fines and penalties in relation to their mobile workforce.

RoamPA’s SAAS system automatically manages these risks for your company by automating the tax tracking of your mobile employees . This not only gives you the data you need but also allows your company to be proactive with compliance by alerting you when there is a risk of a compliance breach before it happens. This allows your company to make better, more informed decisions .

RoamPA software is the solution to your problem of tracking and co-ordinating your mobile workforce. It provides companies with simple tools, that do everything from tax tracking to co-ordinating and supporting assignees.  This eases administration, improves efficiency and ultimately reduces risk and saves your company money and exposure.

Una Mc Neill, Founder and CEO, Roam PA

Managing your Global Workforce

The development of our first application RoamPA was driven by the needs of our customers.

  • RoamPA automatically tax tracks your companies’ employees as they travel around the world for work.
  • It notifies you the employer before there is an issue in a tax district so that you can be proactive with compliance rather than a costly reactive.
  • RoamPA also provides a place where employers can coordinate and support all their internationally mobile workers & service providers in one place.
  • It eases administration, reduces outsourcing and results in happier assignees meaning a better R.O.I on assignments and business travel.

With RoamPA’s Software our customers say they can :

1. co-ordinate more effectively
2. reduce internal costs
3. Reduce penalties and outsourcing costs



RoamPA automatically tracks your employees location daily and populates a calendar with a tax jurisdiction. This monitors risk and ensures compliance in whichever country you are operating.


RoamPA’s smart alert system means that both the company and the employee are alerted any time there is a task to be completed as part of the assignment process or if there is a risk with a compliance issue in the country they are in.

Tailored Checklists

Checklists that can be tailored by company or assignee mean that everyone in the process has a clear view of what needs to be done and when. It allows for better reporting on outstanding tasks and risk areas for action.



Support your Mobile Workforce

  • More support less stress
  • Improve work and social integration
  • Improve job focus and successful assignments/business travel of your mobile employees


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