Why use RoamPA in your company

In order to grow and globalise your business it is vital that you send employees to different countries for business development purposes. However, were you aware that this travel is one of the biggest compliance risks and costs many companies face?

RoamPA de-risks business travel for your company by providing accurate timely usable data that not only shows you where your employees are but let’s your company be pro-active with your tax compliance by analysing this data and alerting you, the employer, when there is a likelihood of a compliance breach.
Now that’s smart compliance that can save your company’s bottom line .


With RoamPA your company can…

  • Minimise compliance risk and costs
  • Cut administration costs
  • Improve decision making and be pro-active with our reporting analytics
  • Be prepared for audits
  • Keep your workforce supported, connected and engaged

Effortlessly keep track of employees

time & locations

Work Days - 183 days


Holidays - 70 days


Non Work Days - 35 days


Get Compliant

Our superior automated technology simplifies the process of assigning employees to other countries for work.  It offers your company the peace of mind of knowing that your employees are being automatically tax tracked as they travel for work. This keeps you in the loop so you can be proactive with tax compliance and reduce fines and penalties relating to non-compliance.

Support & retain key employees

RoamPA will help you support and co-ordinate your own assignees/business travellers in house. This means that they can have more time to explore and settle into their new location, enjoy less stress and have an improved job focus.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting and analytics means that as well as being able to draw bespoke reports on your assignment population you can also develop valuable analytics over time.

RoamPA’s technology automatically tax tracks your companies international assignees and business travellers. Our solution analyses this data and reports back to you, the company, so that you can better manage your tax exposure and save money and face!!

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